Spirit Week Volleyball dominated by the Senior Class


Sam Greenberg

East students participate in Spirit week volleyball

There is no sound quite like the squeaking of sneakers on a hardwood floor. Some people hate it, some love it and others simply get a rush of excitement upon hearing it. The players and spectators for the Monday, November 23, Spirit Week Volleyball competition belong to the latter group.

The mood in the DiBart gym made it feel as if the East Basketball team was playing their home opener or making a run at another State Playoff Birth. The cause for such a mood was students hoping to take down the powerhouse Senior class after they gained the lead in Spirit Week points just a few minutes earlier.

The games soon got underway in the single elimination bracket leading to a best of three final round. Games were played up to 15 points and were won by two. The King of Spirit Week himself, Mr. Davis was the referee for each and every game and strictly enforced the rules of: Nine players on the court at a time, only one East Volleyball player permitted for each team, unless the opposing teams agree on two players allowed and each player must serve once before someone serves twice.

In the Men’s bracket, the Juniors easily took down the Freshman to win by seven points. Soon after, the Seniors squeaked by a tough Sophomore team to win by two points. The first round/semifinal results set the stage for two epic matchups.  In the third place game, the Freshmen battled the Sophomores hard, but eventually lost by three points.

Soon after, the Juniors were ready to take on an emotionally distraught Senior team that almost lost in the first round. In the first game, the Juniors showed their might winning 15-6. After a players-only meeting, the Seniors got back on the court and proved their prowess, winning the next two games 15-12 and taking home the Spirit Week Volleyball Championship.

The Women’s bracket was just as predictable as an NCAA March Madness Women’s Bracket: The top seed winning every game and one upset. The Junior girls won their first match against the Freshman by three points, but the Freshman flashed a lot of potential for the future with their strong showing. Then, once again, the Sophomores almost took down the Seniors, until the Seniors made two spectacular plays to pull away and win by two points. In the Freshmen versus Sophomore third place game, the crowd was delighted to see the days first upset after witnessing the Freshman win by three points. Then, in the finals, the Seniors coasted their way to two 15-12 victories as the “Seniors” was heard echoing all throughout the school.