Spirit Week cafeteria games results

During lunch periods today, classes fought to earn points through cereal-eating contests. The contests are related to Spirit Week since people watch Nick Toons on Saturday mornings with breakfast.

Winners from 3rd period:

1st – Sam Davis (’12)

2nd – Shawn Vidra (’11)

3rd – Quin Sanchez (’13)

4th – Ronny Barnes (’14)

Winners from 4th period:

1st – Nick Oliver (’11)

2nd – Conor (’13)

3rd – Jerry (’14)

4th – Hesham (’12)

Winners from 5th period:

1st – Erdong Chen (’11) 70

2nd – Dave Riches (’12)

3rd – Alex (’13)

4th – N/A (’14)

Winners from 6th period:

1st – Bryan (’12)

2nd – Gianni DiFrancesco (’13)

3rd – Jason Warren (’11)

4th – Ari (’14)

Overall, the seniors earned 220 points; the juniors earned 200 points; the sophomores earned 160 points; and the freshmen earned 60 points. Depending on the winner of Rock Star Monday dress-up day, seniors are tentatively in first place, with juniors in second.

Students prepare for the cereal-eating contest.
Mr. Davis announces the beginning of the games.
Student is deep into the competition.
Students eating the last bites of cereal.