Sophomore Cotillion 2012: Sophs in the City


On Friday, February 24, the Class of 2014 held its Sophomore Cotillion. With close to 425 students in attendance, the sophomores and their dates danced the night away in Cafeteria 1.

“Sophs in the City” was the name of the dance, with decorations boasting the icons of New York City. Along the walls were paintings of yellow taxicabs and a lighted New York City sign, and to top it off, a red balloon “2014” hung above the DJ booth. Two operating hotdog carts were among the various refreshments in the back of the room.

Tickets cost $25, but with the extra features such as the hotdog carts and lighting, the slightly higher price was worth it. The class’ student government also decided to donate some of the extra money to various charities and put some in their Prom fund.

“We worked really hard, of course,” said Ross Peterzell (’14), Sophomore Class President. “It was a great night, everyone had a lot of fun.”