SGA announces ‘East’s Got Talent’ line-up

1. Staff Infection – Band  (Mr. Hulme, Mr. Leonard, Ms. Frampton, Mr. Figueroa, Mr. Gambino, Mr. Cucinotti and Mr. Menta)

2. Justin Parker and Cecilia Salvino – singing Adele and Gnarls Barkley (with Matt Plevinsky and Britney Ford)

3. Paul Roman – Violin

4. Dave Riches – Singing             

5. Griffin Back – Ukulele and singing            

6. Mr. Gagliardi – Stand-up comedy                                 


 7. The Maintenance – Band playing Beatles (Shelby Keller, Chris Heinz, Will Armstrong, Adam Heller and Nick Heinze)

8. Brittany Lazar – Lady Gaga (with Katie Savarin and Sophia Zhao)

9. Justin Singson – Singing (with Katrina Hauck and Cole Spencer)

10. Piano Battle (Kevin Schwartz and Jonathan Landa)

11. Breakdance Club (Chaumin Park, Victor Ly, Michael Chang, Patrick Banzali, Bela Kraut and Brian Mo)