Seniors win tug of war competition

East students participated in the Spirit Week tug of war competition on November 24. This round was the finals round, since all grades competed in the preliminary round on November 19 to secure a place in the finals. While the teams competed well in the preliminary round, only the junior and seniors made it to the finals.

Senior girls, senior boys, junior girls and junior boys competed in the finals. For the first and second girls’ rounds, senior girls beat junior girls, giving senior girls the win. For the first and second boys’ rounds, senior boys beat junior boys, so the senior boys won.

At the preliminary competition, freshman girls and junior girls competed in the first round. The juniors easily beat the freshmen because the freshmen only had four people on their team, while the juniors had more than double that number.

In the second round, the junior boys beat the freshman boys. In the third round, senior girls went up against the sophomore girls, with the senior girls taking the win. In the fourth round, senior boys beat the sophomore boys. For the fifth and final round of the tug of war preliminaries, sophomore boys beat the freshman boys.