Senior Perspective: Natalie Handali

High school is the only ride I would refuse a fast pass for. Just like a roller coaster you begin in line, and stand with sky rocketing anxiety as your friends try to convince you that the 80 foot drop won’t be that bad, and that the three, gut wrenching corkscrews will only make you nauseous for a few seconds. I knew this ride, I’d call high school was going to involve some screaming and apprehension, but I didn’t realize the thrill that came along with it would make it all worth it.            

The first two years were like climbing into a seat on the ride. In working through the sweat and overwhelming thoughts that consume you, you question, is the seatbelt tight enough, am I close enough to the chalk board, will I get sick on the person in front of me when I open my mouth to scream, will I pass English class, will I enjoy this ride, will I get into college? Although, the most crucial of all, would probably be, will this ride ever be over?            

Junior year rolls around and as the ride gets bumpier than ever, your heart continues to race at top speed. Your SAT proctor clears her throat, and with an unfinished essay, you know it is all down hill from here. The first big drop comes as a shock and so do your test scores. The screaming is now acceptable.            

When it is finally time to relax your knees from shaking, and ease up the death grip that has your knuckles white, you know your senior year has begun. You get off the ride as quickly as you got on, with an experience you will never forget. If the fastest roller coaster in the world clocks in at 150 mph, then my high school career just broke a record.