Panchero’s night adds some spice to the week

On Wednesday, November 16, Panchero’s hosted “Dollar Burrito Night”, and in two short hours it is estimated that over 600 people attended. “The line was out the door and down the street,” said Allen Parker (’13). “It was insane”
On Thursday morning, the buzz about the event was growing. “I heard people talking about it all day,” said Memoona Kahn (’13). The night quickly became a hit on Facebook and Twitter, with many people posting statuses and pictures from Panchero’s. The popularity of the event had many people waiting in line for as long as 45 minutes, but from the look on students’ faces, the burritos were well worth the wait.
The event, which lasted from 4-6 pm, was a fundraiser for Eastside. The next Eastside event, which is the Winter Dodgeball Tournament, and is scheduled for December 6 at East.