Memorial Day program honors veterans


Tuesday morning, May 31, several East students, led by Mr. Ed Hall, took part in a ceremony honoring fallen U.S. soldiers. This ceremony, held the day after Memorial Day, consisted of four East students who are members of the Civil Air Patrol presenting our nation’s colors. After the presentation, one of these students, Jake Trommer (’11), spoke of the history of Memorial Day and of the importance of our soldiers as part of the morning announcements.

After Trommer spoke, the Civil Air Patrol members went to attention while East band director Mr. Tim Keleher played “Taps,” a traditional bugle call honoring lost soldiers, on his trumpet.

Hall, who, with Dr. John O’Breaza’s support, began this ceremony four years ago, believes that this small ceremony is essential for East.

“We needed a way of having the students of Cherry Hill East attribute their thanks to fallen veterans for Memorial Day,” said Hall, who explained that it is very important to him and other East faculty who are veterans to honor those soldiers whom we lost.

 Two East students took special notice to this ceremony; Private first class Dylan DeRosa (’12), who is currently a member of the Army Reserves, and Dominick Howe (’11), who will join the Navy, are committed to the armed forces once they leave East. When asked about his choice, DeRosa said that “it’s selfless service, it’s my duty as an American.”

This ceremony also had a personal connection to Keleher. His son, Corporal Justin Keleher, is an active duty Marine who just returned from two tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Justin Keleher was awarded a Marine Corps Medal of Achievement for his service so far. Tim Keleher explained that it was nice to be able to take part in this ceremony, saying that it was a small way to say thanks to our lost soldiers.

As the ceremony ended, the Civil Air Patrol members solemnly shook hands with one another, and with Hall, successfully doing their part to help East honor our fallen soldiers.