Freshman dance recap

On January 22, 2010, freshmen and their dates came together to dance the night away in Cafeteria 1 for Freshman Dance, themed “Mardi Gras.”

543 tickets were sold, which is a significant number compared to past freshman dances. The 543 tickets did not, however, set an in-school dance attendance record—Homecoming 2007 did, with the sale of over 600 tickets.

The cafeteria entrance had a sign above that welcomed the freshmen into the dance. The cafeteria itself was decorated with purple and yellow streamers, a purple and gold Mardi gras backdrop on the far wall and purple and yellow beads on the other exit of the cafeteria. In addition to the cafeteria space, the freshmen opened up the teacher’s lounge as a space for attendees to relax and get some air. In the teacher’s lounge, there were purple and yellow tablecloths, centerpieces and candy on each table.

“The dance was good, but it would have been better if we had Jay Z perform,” Ravin Patel (’13), Freshman Class Vice President.

Masks and beads were distributed as well, as attendees danced the night away.