French Club holds second meeting of the year

Today, November 10, the French Club held its second meeting in C-303 after school. Club members as well as Mrs. Phillips (one of the French teachers at East) attended the meeting. After the first meeting’s cheese-tasting, the second meeting offered croissants with different types of jelly (a typical French delight), chocolate cookies, candy and chips as well to appease both the adventurous and the less adventurous members.

The students formed four teams of three players and played a Jeopardy-like trivia game about France. Some of the categories included architecture, culture, food, geography, literature, and more. Point values ranged from one to six for each category, with one being the easiest question and six being the hardest. All of the questions were in English which made it easy for students at the meeting who do not take French in school to participate in the game. The teams placing first, second and third received candy as a reward at the end of the meeting.

The next meeting’s date and activity have not been announced yet.