FOP spends time with elementary school students


Izzy Sobel

FOP members create snowmen with elementary school students for the holidays.

The Fraternal Office of Police (FOP) Club were successful in their first holiday season of going to the schools and decorating for the children, which occurred on December 20th and 21st. FOP strives to create decorations for elementary school children with special needs in the district. Similar to last school year, the club members went to all of the elementary schools in the district to put up decorations for the classrooms. However, FOP was able to do something different this year. They were able to take a field trip during the school day to make snowmen with the children, have the children draw snowmen to hang up at East and read to the children. FOP not only decorated for the winter holidays but will be decorating for Valentine’s Day and Saint Patrick’s Day this year, extending beyond the holiday season.  

“Usually FOP throws a day long party at the Crowne Plaza for kids however due to covid restrictions this year FOP took a field trip to local elementary schools to spend time with the kids in self-contained classrooms! This was similar to last year! We made both paper and stuffed snowmen as well as read to them,” said overall FOP Chairperson Alison Bildner (‘23).  

Club members were able to make the best of this new alternative and both the kids and members had an enjoyable time. Members of FOP first decorated the elementary schools in the district on Tuesday, December 20th after school. Decorating the classrooms with holiday decorations has become FOP’s new approach because during COVID they were not able to hold the traditional party. This allows the students from the elementary schools to get to walk into the classroom that is full of holiday decorations. On Wednesday, December 21st, the club was able to dedicate a day to take a field trip to each of the 12 elementary schools. Students split up and went to the schools to spend time with the children. Members assisted the elementary school students in making stuffed snowmen as well as brought supplies for them to create their own snowmen to take home. They also drew snowmen on paper for the students at East to hang up in the hallways. Lastly, the members of FOP read holiday-themed stories to them. Overall, the trip to the elementary school was a huge success. 

“We plan to travel to Barclay for the spring and students can plan to show new activities and meet new children,” said Bildner. 

Overall, the club members found this experience extremely rewarding. The expressions on the children’s faces brought the members of FOP so much accomplishment and happiness. Members were thrilled to participate in this year’s ongoing event even with the alterations due to COVID.  FOP has a lot planned for 2023 including decorating for the upcoming holidays, such as Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. The children are looking forward to having their rooms decorated for these holidays.