FOP plans holiday party

Cafeteria 1 was crowded with seniors and sophomores after school today as they waited for a meeting about the FOP Holiday Party to begin.  The meeting was specifically for the two grade levels.
Over fifty students filled the cafeteria. FOP is an organization in which all four grades convene to throw a party for disabled children in South Jersey. They create table decorations and posters and do other festive things that can enhance the ballroom where the party is held. The party begins around nine in the morning with a lunch of hot dogs and other snacks, and ends around a quarter to two.
Brad Cutler (‘11), who attended the party last year, said, “It was a lot of fun. We got to help kids, hang out, and it felt good inside.”

Mr. Davis, the club’s advisor, addressed the group from the top of a lunch table.

“The party is something you will not forget [if you are selected to attend],” he said.
This year, there are two overall chair people, Amanda Escobar (‘09) and Brett Levine (‘09).
Escobar has been involved since her freshman year.

“I started [my involvement]…by word of mouth from upperclassmen,” she said, “I found out how good of a cause it was [and continued participating].” 
“When the kids come to the party, their faces light up because it’s not something they do all the time,“ said Escobar. “It’s rewarding because East students put [the event] together.”
The party will be held at the Crown Plaza on Rt. 70 on December 22.