Eastside Salon Rouge Makeover: Moriah

Being pampered is always exciting. After four hours in Salon Rouge, my hair was cut short, my nails were polished and my make-up was fit for prom. I thoroughly enjoyed getting “made-over,” yet I felt that the hard work that was put into my make-up would go to waste, as I was not planning to go to sleep with layers of concealer caked on my face. That night was the one time I did not mind staying up late to finish homework.

Just as the fans that will not wash their hand after meeting their idol, I did not want to wash away the make-up. But for the sake of hygiene, I had to wash the main part of my makeover off that night. So the next day at school, not many people even noticed anything was different about me.

My hair color was the same, yet my hair was cut shorter. Of the few people that said something about my new haircut, a smaller few asked if I had gotten highlights. I am tempted to assume that the short hair pronounced my highlights. Even two weeks after the fact, people asked if I had recently got a haircut.

Although, for others, my makeover was not very dramatic, for me, getting between four to five inches chopped off was quite dramatic.