East celebrates multicultural day

March 22, 2013 is Multicultural day. This year’s theme is immigration, and the purpose is celebrating the diversity we have here at East. By sharing immigration stories, Multicultural Day hopes to bring a better understanding to students about the different cultures.  

The formal title for Multicultural Day is “Coming to America” because we are a nation composed of such diverse backgrounds. Evan Forman, president of Multicultural Day, said, “everyone made their journey to America for different reasons yet still maintain a cultural identity from where they came from,” and so this theme of immigration celebrates everyone’s cultural identity.

From performances to museums and different activities, Multicultural Day will bring excitement to the whole school. The performances will be done four different times, once for each grade. The museums will be displaying exhibits and also have cultural food, which will be served during the day. However these museums will be closed during lunch break 1 and 2. As for the activities, the main goal is to culturally enrich experiences by teaching a lesson of native dances or games.

The different clubs that will be participating are the art, Italian, French, and Spanish clubs with also a few other special acts that are not represented through a culture club at East. Other clubs include the African American, Vietnamese, Chinese, Filipino, Indian, and Korean culture clubs.

As for the judging, each performance, museum, and activity will be judged by teachers. Judging will be based on mainly two criteria: cultural enrichment and performance.  The top three judged performances will be given certificates denoting their place and a special price as well.