CHE Habitat for Humanity attends it’s 2022 Baltimore trip


Courtesy of CHE Habitat for Humanity Instagram @cheasthabitat

CHE Habitat for Humanity poses for a picture in front of a home they worked on during their Baltimore trip.

CHE Habitat for Humanity (Habitat) attended its first Baltimore trip since 2019. On November 10th, Habitat and 15 members including club advisor Mr. Console drove from East to Baltimore, Maryland with the intent of helping many families.
During the pandemic, the annual Habitat trip was put on hold, but this year Console was happy to bring it back. The trip went over the course of 3 days and gave each student the opportunity to build homes for others, as well as explore Baltimore. Habitat stayed in Lovely Lane Church, an old church located near the homes. Dinner was even a group project where Habitat members worked together to prepare food.
“Some people set up the table, some people cooked the dinner, and some people cleaned up,” said Habitat Publicist, Cecilia Zhang (‘24)
Everyone was able to bond whether it was through dinner or daily activities. During the trip, Habitat went to Fort Mchenry, a historical landmark in Baltimore. From the fort, they took a boat to the National Aquarium. There was no dull moment on the trip. From building to exploring downtown, and even including a day of bowling Habitat was able to fulfill the Baltimore trip experience.
Building the homes was a new experience for every student. The foundation was already built, but Habitat had to work on the walls, ceilings, and insulation. Other Habitat for Humanity Volunteers provided CHE Habitat with supplies and help, to make sure the homes were correctly constructed. It was a hands-on experience that gathered everyone’s participation.
On November 12th Habitat returned to East, ending yet another successful Baltimore Trip.
If you couldn’t make it to Baltimore, don’t worry. Console along with Club president Lizzy Sommeling (‘23) have planned many events for the upcoming year including the well-known Spring Break trip.