Character Education Week begins: find out how you can help

Character Education Week begins: find out how you can help

To the Character Education Club, community service means helping those who lack the means of helping themselves.

“Character Education is here to remind students that the school and other people still need help [every day] and that we need to help the community by giving people our time and energy. [Community service] should be a part of everyone’s daily routine,” said Ms. Christine Schultz, one of the club’s advisors.

And that is exactly why Character Education was created. The Character Education club simply started as a community service project for East students to help other people.

“I think that it’s great that people take time out of their busy lives, filled with school work, to help other people who are less fortunate when they get now benefits themselves,” said Rachel Depaul (‘13), a club member.

Each year students choose a charity and donate food and money to a specific organization. In years past, the Character Education Club chose to benefit the Ronald McDonald House, but now currently aids Frank’s Place, a day shelter in Camden that provides food for the homeless. Character Education cooked food for the organization in mid-February and the food they prepared fed between 150 and 200 people. 

Character Education aids the local and East community itself. For instance, Character Education helps out the school as early as August of each year by updating the bulletin boards around the building. In the spring, the club extends its help to the school grounds by taking care of the gardens.

To the Character Education program, helping the school community means not only aiding the school itself, but also helping the students within the school learn to incorporate community service into their daily lives: a mission the club hopes to reach by gaining more members.

“It is much easier to impact [the East population] with a group of sixty students rather than a group of twenty,” Schultz said. Ultimately, Character Education is here to teach students to help others and with such a successful history, one can only expect the same this year. 

One way of spreading the awareness is through Character Education Week, an annual event at East. This year, it will take place from March 7 to March 11. The themes for each day are meant to gather and collect items for people who are less fortunate.

Biren Patel (‘13), a member of the club, said, “It’s great to know that people from our school can make a difference in people’s lives.”

Character Education Week Schedule:

March 7: Make-up Monday-  bring in cosmetic accessories

March 8: Tooth Brush Tuesday- bring in dental care

March 9: Wash-up Wednesday- bring in soap, shampoo and body wash

March 10: Teatime Thursday- bring in tea, coffee, hot chocolate, juice boxes, cookies and crackers

March 11: Fuzzy Slipper Friday- bring in socks and slippers

*All art by Julie Coben (’11)/ Eastside Editor-in-Chief