Blood drive has A-Positive effect on student body

It may only be half over, but already a large number of students have come out to donate to benefit the American Red Cross in the school’s 12 annual Spring Blood Drive.

“From what I’ve seen a lot of people need blood, and I think it’s kind of selfish not to give it because it’s so easy and simple,” said Nick Mitchell (’13).

Included in the crowd of over 200 that gave blood on Tuesday, were those who donated for the first time and those who “double donated,” ( a process that allows participants to give twice the amount of red blood cells in one session. 

“I decided to double donate because I knew that it would help many people and save many lives, and that’s what motivated me” said Adam Elgrissy (’13), who chose to double donate in his first ever time giving blood.

Along with the students that so generously dish out a pint of their blood, there are many people working to make the drive itself run smoothly.

“We wouldn’t be able to run a successful blood drive without [the volunteers’] help,” said Iftikhaar Ali (’13), one of the chairpersons for the event. Volunteers contributed by running registration outside of the gym, providing food and water to those who have just donated, and being “hand holders,” a special moral support during the actual donation. “They talk to you while you’re giving blood… they keep your attention off of [the blood and needles] so you can feel at ease while you’re giving blood,” said Ali.

The Spring Blood Drive will continue all day tomorrow in the East Gym.