Ballroom Dance Club returns to the dance floor

The Ballroom Dance Club met Wednesday, April 28 after school in the Cafeteria for the first time after a long break.

The club began with light refreshments before the dancing. Each person took a partner and learned the new dance for the week. “The club members were challenged with an open style Cha Cha routine, which included quick turns and drops,” said club founder, Natasha Andriyanycheva (’10).

The dance requires the girl to swing sideways while stabilizing themselves by holding hands with her partner. Shortly after, she must lean backwards, looking at the ceiling while relying on her partner for support.

Although the partners had to practice the move various times, members enjoyed the Cha Cha very much. Rob Scheffler (’10), present at every meeting, says, “I was very excited to try out the new dance. It had been a while but we’re all happy to be back.”