Artists draw portraits for multi-cultural day

Today, April 15, East held its annual Multi-Cultural day, in which students of all different cultures showcased their distinctive talents and background. Not only did student groups, such as the Break-dancing club and Korean Culture club, perform in a Multi-Cultural assembly, but also both gyms were open for students to set up booths about their culture.

The East gym was designated specifically for games and activities pertaining to specific cultures. There was dancing, a henna tattoo station, and a student favorite: portrait drawing.

Artists such as Candence Smith (’13), Krystle Carkeek (’13), and Jacky Lu (’14) set up their easels and drew portraits of students, and also took requests for wildlife and nature pictures.

Smith preferred to draw nature, such as an image of an aardvark.

Smith said, “When I am pressured and there are people right in front of me, I don’t like to make them look ugly.”

Lu agreed. He enjoyed using charcoals to draw both people and nature.

Lu said, “I feel its very interesting and fun to draw natural things.”

The artists contributed to the festivities of Multi-Cultural day with this new and fresh activity; hopefully, they return next year to once again sketch the faces of their classmates.