East student blogs about experiences in Spain: Post #3

Well, Hermione Granger sounds extremely shrill in Spanish. I´m not sure whether I´m more disappointed that I saw Harry Potter 7 Part 2 in Spanish, or that I understood most of it (every third word was “muerte”) and didn´t enjoy it.

In other news, I´ve officially jumped off a cliff. Cliff diving is a crazy experience. It´s literally your stomach jumping about five seconds before the rest of your body. You hit the water and wish you´d held your nose. I´ve also gone down a slide into the ocean. Slides and cliff diving are apparently both big things here.

I´m living with my host family now. The best way to describe them would be beautiful. They´re a beautiful family, their house is beautiful, their dog is beautiful, their restaurant is beautiful.
It was a bit disappointing to discover that Spanish sisters are the same as American sisters. They squabble. They also watch the Disney channel at 9 o’clock in the morning (although Mickey Mouse is speaking Spanish) and have jokes and everything else. I guess sisters are a universal thing.
I don´t think I ever really understood the concept that people live in foreign countries before. When I was just travelling through Spain, or France, or England, it was hard to grasp that some people see those mountains, those rivers, those buildings every day for their entire lives. They´re never homesick for Cherry Hill.

Now, I´m sleeping in the basement with my host family on camp beds and sofas, and I finally understand that this is home for some people. After I leave my host family in 9 days, they´re going to go on with their lives.

A lot of the music here is American. They love Shakira, Rihanna, and Pitbull. When you turn on the radio, half the time the music is Spanish, and half the time Britney Spears has “never felt love like this before.”
Another big thing (at least in my experience) is parks. When I was in Guadix, the kids would spend the evenings hanging out in parks. Here in Granada, my host sister does the same.
It´s very hot here during the day. Like, ridiculously hot. I didn´t really understand the whole siesta at two p.m. thing, but now I get it. The hottest hours are the early afternoon. People go inside where it´s cooler, and then at around five or six, they come back out and stay out later in the evening.
Starting Thursday, there´s a five-day party in the town where I´m staying. I´m pretty excited for it, although apparently we´re going to be staying up till four a.m. Since my Spanish gets worse the later it gets, I´m probably going to have some trouble.
On the bright side, I do understand a lot of what my host family says to me, and they only have to remind me of words a couple of times before I remember.
Tomorrow, I´m going camping for the second time in my life. The first time was with my uncle and aunt in my grandma´s backyard. This time, I´ll be in the Sierra Nevada with a group of teenagers, half of whom speak English, and half of whom speak Spanish. We´ll leave in the morning tomorrow and get back Tuesday night. I´m terrified.
Well, now I have to go watch Sponge Bob in Spanish. It´s incredibly awkward because Sponge Bob´s voice is deep here.