Weekend activities

As the holidays draw nearer, houses are decked out in lights, and the bitter cold weather coats everything in white icy frost, many feel a desire to participate in the old winter pastime: ice skating.  This essential diversion can be fulfilled at Blue Cross River Rink on Columbus Boulevard and Market Street in Philadelphia at the price of eight dollars admission fee.  Of course, for those that prefer to watch, rather than join in can get tickets to see the Flyers home game against the Rangers at 1:00 pm on Saturday.  The Flyers have a great start to their season so it should be an exciting game for fans.  A cool thing to do in Philly art-wise would be to visit the Magic Gardens museum on 1020 South Street, Philadelphia.  This is not your average art museum, but an obscure park made up of sculptures and mosaics and murals that stretch about half a city block.