Two Cents Plain perfect for cooling down

twocentsplain.jpgWith an abundance of free time during the summer, many East students tend to spend time down the shore. Located on Ventnor Avenue in Margate, New Jersey, Two Cents Plain Ice Cream Parlor offers a variety of ice cream flavors perfect for cooling off after a long day under the sun.

Two Cents Plain has a large selection of ice cream flavors, encompassing everything from the typical chocolate and vanilla to the more extravagant cake-mix flavor and chocolate fudge brownie. However, the uniqueness of Two Cents Plain does not end with its diverse ice cream flavors. In addition to an assortment of ice cream flavors, Two Cents Plain never falls short in its variety of ice cream cones. Customers can, of course, choose to eat their ice cream in a cup or can also get a little something extra with a waffle cone, sugar cone or even a pretzel cone. But for those interested in a more exciting way to eat their ice cream, all types of ice cream specialties, like an ice cream sundae, can be ordered. 

The ice cream parlor is arguably best known around Margate for its ice cream and waffle special. In addition to the more ordinary sundae options, such as ice cream on a brownie, Two Cents Plain offers the option of ice cream on a Belgian waffle, made right in the parlor itself. Whether it’s accompanied by a whole waffle or a half, any flavor of ice cream will make for a delicious snack.

The ice cream parlor offers the option to eat in or take out, with numerous tables inside and benches outside. Those who choose to eat their ice cream in the parlor get the extra free treat of pretzels and water at the table. With its location on Ventnor Avenue, one of the main streets in Margate, Two Cents Plain is a convenient stop on the way home from the beach or even while just walking around. Moreover, Two Cents Plain stays open until 12:00 p.m., great for those late summer nights. With the absence of ice cream parlors in Cherry Hill, Two Cents Plain offers something that Cherry Hill can not: great ice cream and a great place in which to eat it.

Visitors to the shore should definitely take the time to go to Two Cents Plain Ice Cream Parlor with its great ice cream flavors and variety of sundae options available for low, reasonable prices.