The new Bulldogs Pizzeria barks with excitement and fun

As you step into the pizzeria the first thing you see are Bulldogs everywhere: they are on the booths, the pictures on the walls and even the menu. The Bulldogs Pizzeria newly opened pizzeria in Short Hills Town Centre may soon be a hit.

First off, the menu has a multitude of phenomenal options. These options range from plain pizza to different types of chicken to sandwiches. No matter who goes to this restaurant, there will be something offered that someone will like to eat.

My group that went to the restaurant ordered a large pizza, fries and different types of sandwiches. As we have been to this restaurant multiple times, we have gotten to know the staff and owner and they are very friendly as well as helpful when deciding what to order. After we had ordered our food, right away I noticed the dough being hand spun and flattened to be cooked in the oven. This is a huge turn-on when looking for a good pizza place because frozen pizza or machine pizza is definitely not the way to go when eating pizza. As we started to receive our meals, an amazing aroma of pizza and french fries filled the room. As we dug into our food, I heard comments from my group, saying “This place hasn’t disappointed yet!” and “Finally a good pizza place in [Short Hills shopping center].”

As we continued to devour our amazing food, I noticed that every time I had been in the pizza shop, only one other group of people at the most were there. As I began to think about it, I realized that the restaurant might not be popular because nobody really knows about it since it is not located in the best real estate spot. When looking into the shopping center from any side, you cannot directly see the store. Instead, you can see the Tutoring Club which is next to the restaurant, Tir Na Nog (formerly Dub Linn Square) which is in a different building next door, Starbucks, Classic Cake and other stores in the building in the front of the shopping center. Therefore, the pizza place is not located in the most convenient place for someone who might be looking for a restaurant to go to regularly. This is the only downside to the restaurant.

The pricing at Bulldogs Pizzeria is less than that of most pizza places I know. There is a special which I personally take advantage of: five dollars for two slices of pizza and a fountain drink. This special is great for anyone because it is cheap, but cheap for great food that is. Other prices of foods, even beside the pizza prices, are relatively less than that of some well-known pizza places like Luigi’s Pizza Fresca or Vito’s.

Bulldog Pizzeria has not failed to disappoint and due to the great pricing, I hope it stays in business. The only downside, as I had mentioned earlier, is the location, but the delicious food makes up for it.