Pizzeria Halt, a new vegan pizza place serves up promising pies made for everybody

Pizzeria Halt offers a completely plant-based steak fajita pizza.

Shyla Murray ('23)

Pizzeria Halt offers a completely plant-based steak fajita pizza.

The “pizza” is a classic yet overdone staple in not only the American diet, but in all of American culture– how many more pizza places could the country possibly fit? How many more franchises of the fast food-like pizza chains such as Dominos, Pizza Hut, Seasons Pizza, and Papa Johns have to pop up before we come to the conclusion that these places serve nothing more than a mediocrely convenient pie? Not to mention, one that likely comes with stomach aches and varying degrees of regret after indulging? If you’re tired of supporting the same old chains and are in search of a pizza that reinvents the meaning of satisfying, guilt-free food, Pizzeria Halt in Cherry Hill’s Ellisburg Circle is the miracle you didn’t know you needed.

As the only co-franchise to the first location in California, the Cherry Hill Pizzeria Halt is a daring and distinctive little restaurant that delivers on a welcoming atmosphere the moment one steps through the door. I have been here twice, and both times Todd Eaddy, the owner, greeted me with friendly and authentic conversation. Eaddy opened with, “Are you aware this is a vegan pizzeria?”, which speaks for the level of risk and yet inspiring uniqueness the pizzeria symbolizes. While sharing our different opinions of how veganism is so up-and-coming, Eaddy never spoke negatively of “meat eaters”’ or even of those who choose to criticize the plant based lifestyle. The concept of the pizzeria is simple enough: “There is something here for everybody,” he had stated with confidence. There is no controversy or exclusion in the atmosphere of the quaint joint. There is an ambiance of passion and enthusiasm for delivering healthy, unforgettably delicious pizzas that fills the room, and solidifies an urge to come back before you have even ordered.

Pizzeria Halt’s vegan BBQ chicken pizza is one of their most popular items. (Shyla Murray (’23))

As the most important takeaway from my journeying to Pizzeria Halt so far, it must be emphasized beyond doubt that the pizza I have had here is by far the greatest pizza I have ever consumed. Before that judgment is questioned, allow me to describe the level of eye-opening satisfaction Pizzeria Halt supplied. Whether you consume dairy or not, the common cheese pizza is something that can’t taste so perfect (at least through the limitation of a franchise pizza). But with Pizzeria Halt serving up pies with names like the “BBQ chicken” (an absolute must-have), the “Cowboy”, and the “Steak Fajita”, it’s impossible to fight the urge to discover what these unique pizzas could possibly include on them, since they are completely veganized. Although it has been many years since I last tasted a slice of dairy cheese pizza, it is easy to remember the taste of some of the worst and what I thought was the best pizza available to me up until that era of making the change to my diet. Yet, as a former cheese pizza addict, I still stand by calling it the best pizza available, anywhere. Up until this point, I would be very surprised if vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian, or even lactose intolerant readers were to not at least have a hint of curiosity to check out this pizzeria. But to the diet restrictionless readers out there who may be skeptical of just how absolutely astonishing these pizzas are, I simply say that there is no reason in attempting to judge it without giving it a try. Just be careful– because you are going to love it. And you may go back again. And you will not regret it.