Morris Arboretum’s new Tree Adventure attracts visitors

The Morris Arboretum is one of Philadelphia’s many great outdoor attractions. It was founded by siblings, John and Lydia Morris in 1923. The park is famous for its 13,000 labeled plants, trees, flowers and sculptures from around the world.

This month the Morris Arboretum continues to branch out with its new main attraction, The

Tree Adventure, where citizens can see the park from fifty feet in the air, climb into a giant bird’s nest or go down a squirrel scramble of netting between towering treetops.

“The tree house gives a new perspective of the forest,” said Karin Mallett, anchor/reporter for WFMZ TV.

The adventure is also armed with passport to adventure where one can travel to five interactive stations to learn about the importance of trees.

By: Danielle Hu ('11)
By: Danielle Hu (’11)

Coming up for the month of November is the Cactus Dish Gardening for Kids where children will learn the basics of cactus gardening and plant care and will create their own dish garden. Other events that occur regularly are tours such as: Great Plants for the Home Garden, where one has the opportunity to speak with experienced gardeners. The garden offers guided tours as well, which are custom designed to the interests of the citizens partaking in the tour. Also, during the winter seasons, the park contains Winter Wellness Walks, where local residents can come out to exercise and get a great look at the park.

The park also offers field trips for students that educate them on seasons, cycles, wetlands and plant reproduction. The Morris Arboretum is a great place to visit if one is looking to enjoy beautiful scenery or experience an educational tour in the park; they have dug their roots pretty deeply.