Haddonfield Crafts and Fine Arts Festival lights up Kings Highway

On the hot summer days of July 12-13 2015, Kings Highway in Haddonfield New Jersey transformed into an arts and crafts marketplace and a playground for fine arts fanatics. Haddonfield commended select artists during the 23rd Annual Haddonfield Crafts and Fine Arts Festival occupying Kings Highway East. The festival ran through the heart of downtown Haddonfield. It is a local event that thousands of people enjoy going to and many street vendors lust after, being one of the more prestigious arts festivals in the area.

Dozens of vendors, ranging from tie-dye clothing, headbands made for the beach and even native Haddonfield businesses including Gracie’s Ice Cream scored a booth which sold its famous water ice amongst other goods.

Aside from the clothing and food, the fine art is what the festival is known for. All types of art ranging from classical, portraits and abstract, all made by local artists, is what really helped make the festival a success for many years.

Artist Diedra Scott-McGrory experienced her first Haddonfield arts and crafts festival this July. Lined up amongst dozens of extremely talented artists, McGrory’s art work stood out from her abstract colors and bold patterns.

“[My art] is paintings of prints and [actual] paintings. I love [this kind of art] it’s not boring, but not traditional, abstract and colorful” said McGrory.

Although McGrory attends about fifteen art festivals per year, Haddonfield Crafts and Fine Arts Festival is different because it is highly selective on which vendors it allows to be showcased.

“It is my first time at Haddonfield. The vendors are selected by a jury [process]. They have judges and are very selective. Haddonfield also charges 550 dollars for two days” said McGrory.

McGrory’s paintings retail for about 300 dollars per piece, so she would have to sell at least two during the days to cover entrance fees.

Haddonfield’s quaint downtown is a perfect mix of trendy and chic, with both fun and sophisticated restaurants and stores. Kings Highway comes alive during the two days of the arts festival.