Costco opens up in Cherry Hill

Costco opens up in cherry hill, right off of Route 70.

Courtesy of the the Courier Post

Costco opens up in cherry hill, right off of Route 70.

On October 15, 2020, Costco opened up in Cherry Hill, right off of Route 70. This new location brings much ease to residents who live farther from the closest Costco located in Mount Laurel Township.

Last week I had taken a trip to Costco and was surprised to see a huge store in front of me. Next to the store, there was a Costco gas station. In the Cherry Hill area, it isn’t common to have a huge department store with a gas station as well; the closest we have to this are Royal Farms and Wawa.

Costco is also slightly different from other stores in the fact that you must have a membership in order to shop there. BJ’s Wholesale also has a membership policy at their locations and the two stores are often compared. The first membership card is called Gold Star and costs 60 dollars. The other membership is called Gold Star Executive and costs 120 dollars annually.

The prices to be a member seem costly since you can go to another store like Target and buy the same items that Costco offers without possessing a membership. However, Costco sells their consumer goods at much lower prices for the same or higher quality products.

Unexpectedly, inside this particular Costco was an optical department and pharmacy. Surprisingly the departments had a huge variety of items and goods, and focused sections for things like healthcare. Also, this location had a food court. I did not get the chance to get a closer look at it, but it didn’t seem to be very populated.

This Costco was unique compared to other ordinary stores in Cherry Hill and the area in general. I saw a room designated specifically for milk and dairy products. A notable amount of things they sell are sold in bulk too. The store along with the food department have clothing, electronics, furniture, toys, accessories, and much more.

From what I have seen during my visit at Costco is that it seems to be doing extremely well. Costco has also placed many Covid-19 precautions. All the workers were wearing masks, and they made sure that customers wore them as well. There were good deals and a large variety of items and sections in the store.

I highly recommend visiting the new warehouse on 650 Garden Park Blvd, Cherry Hill, NJ.