Allison Donahue receives an award for her anti-bullying video titled Anonymous


Ashley Cooper

Members of the district congratulate Allison Donahue for her achievements.

On Monday Nov. 3, Senator James Beach honored East student Allison Donahue (’17) for her award-winning anti-bullying video, Anonymous. Donahue originally created the three-minute video during her final year at Beck Middle School for a school-wide competition, which she ultimately won. Since then, the video has been renowned by nationally recognized organizations, such as WHYY.

Throughout her eighth grade year at Beck, Donahue worked comprehensively on the cyberbullying video. Primarily, Donahue decided to make the video for her school wide Red Ribbon Week competition. Donahue directed, edited and starred in the PSA. Donahue’s video finally came into fruition on Nov. 28, 2013. After coming in first place, Donahue’s video was repeatedly used by the peer leadership council of Beck Middle School.

“Originally it was a school wide contest where every homeroom made its own video, then in Classroom Close-up New Jersey it won second place,” said Donahue.

Nearly a year after the video’s creation, Donahue placed first in the middle school division for WHYY’s Youth Media Awards.

“My Dad submitted in the contest, and I didn’t even think about it until I found out that I won,” said Donahue, “I didn’t even know… I was so shocked.”

In partnership with WHYY, Donahue was also awarded the Thomas Scattergood Behavioral Health Foundation Award from the Scattergood Foundation on the same night that she won her Youth Media Award.

Senator Beach entered room C101 at 11:15 a.m. and personally awarded Donahue with a plaque. The event lasted little more than ten minutes, but was still a big honor, according to Donahue.

“One of the things that makes this very special for me, is in the New Jersey Senate, I was actually a co-sponsor of the anti-bullying bill,” said Senator Beach.

Beach surprised Donahue, presenting her with an unexpected, official document, signed by several legislative members. These officials included: Steve Sweeney, of Gloucester County, Senate President; Vincent Prieto, Speaker of the General Assembly; James Beach, New Jersey Senator.

“When I heard about what you did, I thought that was very special, and I wanted to come over and give you a proclamation from the state of New Jersey, just recognizing you for your outstanding citizenry,” said Senator Beach to Donahue.

Senator Beach also discussed his appreciation for the Cherry Hill School District.

“Cherry Hill is just a wonderful place to live,” said Senator Beach, “You have a great school district.”

Also in attendance, were: Dr. Maureen Reusche, Superintendent of the Cherry Hill School District and Dr. Joseph Meloche, Assistant Superintendent of the Cherry Hill School District. Both of Donahue’s parents were also in attendance.

“What a sense of pride for all of Cherry Hill Schools that you undertook that work when you were a student at Beck, and such an important message that you’re getting out to everyone,” said Dr. Reusche, “Thank you for bringing this very proud moment to our district.”

As a reward for her first-place win in the Youth Media Awards, Donahue’s video was publically aired as part of WHYY’s “Anthology,” on Friday Nov. 7.

Interested in watching Anonymous? Donahue’s cyberbullying PSA is accessible from her YouTube account, allisonsince1999.

With over 6.000 views and counting, Donahue has made quite an impact on the entire Cherry Hill community.