Á La Mode ice cream experience


A La Mode serves fresh, homemade ice cream in Ocean City, NJ.

A La Mode serves fresh, home-made ice cream in Ocean City, NJ.

After many summers trying different ice cream places locally and while traveling, I found the one that I can finally call my favorite: Á La Mode Ice Cream Parlor in Ocean City, New Jersey is by far my favorite ice cream shop with its fresh, homemade, flavor packed ice cream.  Although I cannot recount the exact time I first tried Á La Mode, I believe it was when I vacationed in Ocean City a few years ago.  My family and I tried this ice cream parlor because it was close to where we were staying.  My family and I loved the ice cream right away and go to Á La Mode several times a year (not only during the summer.) 

Á La Mode’s ice cream is hard served and it has the perfect speed of melting—not so fast that you have to eat it before it becomes soft-serve, but enough speed that it starts to melt just as you eat it so that you can savor the incredible taste.  This is something I have found in no other ice cream.  As far as flavors go, I have tried the cherry vanilla, peanut butter twirl (vanilla ice cream swirled with peanut butter), chocolate chip, and mocha fudge.  But my all-time favorite is banana.  I know, banana.  Some people may not like bananas, or more likely never think that banana ice cream would be good, but it is.   All of Á La Mode’s flavors are homemade, with fresh fruit or specific flavor chunks like chocolate chips or peanut butter in the ice cream that give it its incredible flavor.  

On the menu, there are more than 25 flavors to choose from.  Not only does Á La Mode have good ice cream, but their sundaes are creative and delicious.  Á La Mode makes a plethora of them and other treats such as ice cream splits,  milkshakes, waffles, sodas, and hence the name—á la modes—ice cream with baked goods such as cake, cookie, or brownie.  Since the ice cream is so good on its own, I do not normally choose a sundae, or one of these other specialties.  However, in the few times I did, I have enjoyed them greatly.  Besides, who doesn’t like ice cream in a bowl full of syrups, whipped cream, and toppings?  

In addition to selling suburb ice cream, Á La Mode is customer friendly with its prices.  Since everything looks so good, if you can’t decide, sample a few flavors, then if you still can’t decide, order a larger cone.  The small size is three dollars and fifteen cents, and the large is four dollars and seventy-five cents.  There is nothing on Á La Mode’s menu that is over seven dollars—the only exceptions are the 32 ounce banana split and super milkshake, which cost just fewer than or equal to eight dollars.  Compared to other places, Á La Mode is inexpensive and the prices are reasonable for the shore, which makes it more enjoyable.  

The parlor sits on the corner of Fifty-Fifth Street and West Avenue in Ocean City, and its pretty exterior draws attention to it.  The staff is very friendly and moves quickly when there is a crowd.  In Á La Mode there is also a large quantity of tables to sit and when up against other ice cream places in Ocean City and other shore towns, Á La Mode is by far the best.  The popular Kohr Brothers cannot match the quality, flavor and texture of Á La Mode.  Even Springer’s, the renowned “best ice cream place” according to Stone Harbor and Avalon locals and summer renters, cannot beat Á La Mode.  Á La Mode is far better than any places around Cherry Hill, and it is a special treat to visit Ocean City to get the best of the amazing concoction everyone today loves—ice cream.  So, if you happen to be in or near Ocean City, NJ this summer, make it a point to stop by Á La Mode Ice Cream Parlor.  You will not be disappointed.