Annual Craft Show comes to Ocean City on October 10th

More than 400 vendors will be selling crafts and food.
Jaclynn Hernberg, Eastside Staff November 30, 2017

The annual craft show held in Ocean City, New Jersey will head back to the shore on Saturday, October 10 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. spanning from 5th Street to 14th Street on Asbury Avenue. This craft fair...

Ishita Panwar (’19) and Joyce Park (’19) organize a community-wide fundraiser to raise awareness and help victims of recent hurricanes

Joyce Park (left) and Ishita Panwar (right) co-host a fundraiser to help the victims of the recent hurricanes.
Nafessa Jaigirdar, Eastside Webmaster November 9, 2017

For Ishita Panwar (‘19), it all started out as another typical August night. With school quickly approaching, she was trying her best to hold onto what little was left of her summer break. Reclining...

Franklin Institute opens its “Terracotta Warriors of the First Emperor” exhibit displaying original statues from over 2,000 years ago

In addition to showcasing the original warriors from the burial site, the exhibit will also include various interactive tablets, videos and even augmented reality stations.
Shir Goldfinger, Eastside Staff November 5, 2017

From now until March 4, The Franklin Institute will be displaying its “Terracotta Warriors of the First Emperor” exhibit. The exhibit highlights the magnificent stone Terracotta Warriors found in the...

PATCO’s ‘Phantom Station’ could make comeback

PATCO's Phantom Station may be returning.
Aine Pierre, Eastside News/Features Editor July 30, 2017

A PATCO train races down the tracks, fresh off the Ben Franklin Bridge, barreling toward the 8th and Market stop. A look out the window would greet riders with the pitch darkness of a subway tunnel, except...

Longwood Gardens’ Main Fountain Garden receives renovations

New fountains sparkle on a summer day.
Sophia Liang, Eastside Community Editor July 25, 2017

This season, birds are singing, flowers are blooming and excitement is bubbling at Longwood Gardens in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The historic gardens have long been known for their stunning assemblage...

A concert for a good cause

A group of Cherry Hill natives perform at the concert led by East alumni, Patricia Irwin ('15).
Julia Benedetto, Eastside Community Editor July 23, 2017

On Sunday July 16, a backyard benefit concert was held in Fox Hollow to help raise funds for cancer research. The benefit concert, Stand Up to Cancer,  was founded by Patricia Irwin, 19, who graduated...

Soho Park serves up New York styled cheesesteaks

The restaurant is lined with ivy.
Jared Fisch, Managing Editor July 22, 2017

Growing up in the Philadelphia area, I know to stay away from “Philly cheesesteaks” outside of Philly but nobody ever said anything about New York cheesesteaks. With the temperature nearing triple...

Baby gorilla at the Philadelphia Zoo makes headlines

Philadelphia Zoo gorilla, Kira, finally gives birth to her baby after a long pregnancy process.
Ali Koenig, Eastside News/Features Editor June 26, 2017

How does one become famous? If you’re Justin Bieber, you post a video on YouTube. If you’re Anna Kendrick, you audition for a Broadway musical. If you’re the latest baby gorilla at the Philadelphia...

Chabad Lubavitch celebrates its building expansion

Members of the Chabad community begin the groundbreaking ceremony
Chelsea Stern, Eastside Community Editor June 15, 2017

Chabad Lubavitch, a Cherry Hill synagogue and learning center for the Jewish community, celebrated the progress in its building expansion with a groundbreaking ceremony on Sunday, June 14.  Two hundred...

Students can participate in local summer reading program

The Cherry Hill Public Library provides students with an incentive for reading.
Claire McFadden, Eastside Staff June 12, 2017

Summer is known as the season of swimming, going to the beach and relaxation. Every school year students are always looking forward to the glorious last day of finals, when they can put down their pencils,...

Take time to indulge yourself at Massos Water Ice and Custard in Gibbsboro

Massos in Gibbsboro, NJ serves delicious ice cream and water ice.
Maddy Kagan, Eastside Staff June 8, 2017

This past Sunday, I visited Massos Water Ice Shop in Gibbsboro. I had previously been to this water ice store, but that was a while ago. My dad and I were deciding between Massos and Maple Shade Custard....

JCC develops a teen leadership program for ninth graders

Naomi Korn, Eastside Staff June 3, 2017

If teens want to learn how to play tennis, they can sign up for a tennis clinic. If they want to learn how to play the clarinet, they can enroll in clarinet lessons. However, it is not as easy for teens...

Phillies Phestival makes for a phenomenal event

The Phillies Festival will take place on Thursday, May 11th.
Drew Hoffman, Eastside Sports Editor May 5, 2017

On Thursday, May 11 at Citizens Bank Park in South Philadelphia, the 2017 Phillies Phestival will take place. The Phestival is a gathering that provides  Phillies fans with the opportunity to receive...

Nike set to launch the Pro-Hijab in 2018 for female athletes that are Muslim

The Pro-Hijab will help Muslim women engage in more sports.
Nashita Ali, Eastside Staff April 11, 2017

In the spring of 2018, Nike’s latest project will be released, revolutionizing the ability to exercise for muslim women around the globe. For centuries, women who chose to wear a hijab (a veil worn by...

The first day of Spring with Ilana

Rita's water ice offers a free small water ice on the first day of spring.
Ilana Arougheti, Eastside Community Editor March 22, 2017

This morning’s Google Doodle was adorable. It featured a mouse emerging from their little underground den, complete with a fishbowl and a calendar, to drag a disproportionately large daisy back into...

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