Despite COVID-19, all the spring sports teams are working hard to have an unforgettable season.
2021 Spring Sports Preview
Nick Gangewere, Eastside Sports Editor • April 10, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided an unorthodox schedule this spring when it comes to the sports we all enjoy to follow. So while spectators may be at...

Cherry Hill East assistant football coach Lynell Payne kneels next to senior Nick Tomasselo before a game against Paul VI.
Lynell Payne’s Plan
January 26, 2021
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In honor of Women
Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Women's History Month
Nicole Vital, Ziv Amsili, Sami Bell, Avi Shohat, Melissa Vital, and Naomi Bereketab March 26, 2021

In honor of Women's History Month in the month of March, Eastside presents a celebration of female representation in various aspects of our daily lives....

The trending Netflix show focuses on the Bridgerton family, an upper class family in London, England.
Bridgerton Review
March 3, 2021
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