Wild Fork opens a new location in Cherry Hill

In addition to their Cherry Hill store, Wild Fork also has locations in Illinois, California, Texas, and Florida.

Ella Hampton ('24)

In addition to their Cherry Hill store, Wild Fork also has locations in Illinois, California, Texas, and Florida.

Wild Fork, a Florida meat-based grocery store, just opened on March 5, in Cherry Hill. This new, up-and-coming business uses a unique and efficient way to package and store meats, keeping them as fresh as possible. They pride themselves on their high-quality and aged meats, preserved through a special freezing process.
Unlike other grocery stores, Wild Fork blast freezes their meat, freezing them at temperatures as low as -40 degrees. By doing this, they keep the goods fresh and flavorful, avoiding any possible bacteria growth. Their specialty meats section includes products not common in grocery stores, such as Wagyu imported from Japan, veil, elk, greenshell mussels, and more.
All fresh meats and seafood come from direct suppliers worldwide, where food is carefully packed and frozen.
“Farm to freezer; that’s something we really believe in,” said one sales associate, who said she must remain anonymous due to HR policies.

Unlike typical grocery stores, Wild Fork only sells meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables, fruits, sauces, spices, and select desserts and breads. (Ella Hampton (’24))

With preservation as a main focus of the company, the majority of Wild Fork goods are packaged in resealable bags, allowing consumers to dethaw the amount of product needed at the moment and safely put the rest back in the freezer.
Other grocery stores use a series of distributors, without the guarantee of the products being constantly stored at proper temperatures.
“A regular grocery store will thaw it out on the shelf … but our’s have never been thawed before,” said another sales associate.
Located at 801 Haddonfield Rd in Cherry Hill, this store is the company’s second location in the Northeast. The store is clean and spacious, with a large selection of meats, vegetables, and seafood. Their step-by-step process from farm to store is displayed on the wall, informing customers exactly how fresh their food is. The store has a lot of products in a small space, however does not feel overcrowded thanks to its strict organization and labeling.
Wild Fork’s pricing is very reasonable for its high quality. Starting at only $1.22, consumers can choose from a variety of frozen vegetables.
“By going directly from our sources to you, we can provide low prices without any compromise in quality,” the Wild Fork website states.
A unique feature of Wild Fork is its detailed and inviting website. Customers can shop from a variety of more than 700 different products that can be shipped to their door.
“We want to change the way consumers consume meat,” the sales associate said.