Blue Fig Garden opens in Cherry Hill

Blue Fig Garden offers a variety of authentic food from the eastern region of the Mediterranean sea, including Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, and Egypt.

Zachary Pasternack ('24)

Blue Fig Garden offers a variety of authentic food from the eastern region of the Mediterranean sea, including Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, and Egypt.

For someone who loves Mediterranean food, it is truly hard to find a place in Cherry Hill that fulfills my needs for this style of food. I need a place that not only serves the best food, but also offers a unique experience that makes me want to continue going back. Well, you are lucky, because I found the place to go to. Introducing Blue Fig Garden. To start off, I was surprisingly impressed with the selection and quality of food I was served. The restaurant has only been open for a month; of course, customers will experience a set of flaws. However, this location is sure not to disappoint the other locations which they have opened in the New Jersey area. Owner Sam Jadalla has made sure that everything is running smoothly and takes into consideration the customers’ wants and needs when walking around to my table.

Along with having great food, Blue Fig Garden is known for their appealing presentations. (Zachary Pasternack (’24))

Physically, the structure of the building is clean and appealing. Unlike the rest of the mall’s structure, its modern take on a middle eastern-influenced restaurant was sure to catch the eye of anyone walking by. The exterior appearance of the building was a precursor to that which was to come on the inside. The first thing you see when you walk into the restaurant are the bright-colored walls and the stainless steel oven used to make fresh bread and other entrees. It was pretty empty with only a few tables filled, so I had the chance to sit anywhere; I sat in the corner where I was able to bask in the views of the restaurant. 

My family and I were welcomed by a kind staff who instantly gave us bread and other dining starters. Like I said before, the Mediterranean-style bread is warm and the perfect start to the meal. The perfect combination of colors at the table was an instant great first impression. For a person that cares so much about matching, it is great to see the detail in which Jadalla and his staff went to create a perfectly designed restaurant.   

For the first month since opening, it has allowed Jadalla and his staff to mold their restaurant to their liking in order for their business to be perfect; Jallada has been marketing on all social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok

Blue Fig Garden’s homemade hummus and pita is savory and fresh. (Zachary Pasternack (’24))

So far throughout the past month, Jadalla has had a positive outlook on the success of his business and can’t wait to see the restaurant expand throughout other parts of the state. 

Jadalla was very specific when saying he was “hopeful to grow more and open another location” either in Philadelphia or in North Jersey. After this experience at his restaurant at the Cherry Hill Mall, I am positive that his dream will come true.

For our entrees, I had the lamb chops. This was served on a beautifully decorated board filled with other veggies and garnishes. The flavors were fantastic and quite unexpected for a new restaurant. There was also a hummus dip with fresh pita that did not disappoint. For dessert, the restaurant offered a wide variety of fresh Mediterranean-style dishes. We had miniature pistachio, dark chocolate, and vanilla-flavored baklava. Before we left, we did run into problems with the billing situation. It wasn’t clear on the tip and total value of the dish but we soon figured it out with Mr. Jallada and his staff. Overall, my experiences with Blue Fig Garden were more than I expected. I did not know that a restaurant only open for one month, would have great food, staff, and other qualities.

Of the many desserts, Pasternack recommends the pistachio, dark chocolate, and vanilla-flavored baklava. (Zachary Pasternack (’24))

So if you are near the Cherry Hill Mall, don’t hesitate to stop by this delicious Mediterranean-infused restaurant for something to eat.