Foodiehall opens in Cherry Hill

All of the ingredients in the Foodiehall kitchen are fresh and organic.

Katie Sullivan ('25)

All of the ingredients in the Foodiehall kitchen are fresh and organic.

Have you ever experienced the tough decision of figuring out what your family wants to order for dinner? Your mom wants Chinese; your dad and brother want tacos, the situation turns to disaster. FoodieHall is a definite local business to try, whether you feel stuck or not. The idea of the unique “eRestaurant” is to have multiple “elements” in the same kitchen, making your ordering experience more satisfactory. Georgeann Leaming, a former Food Network Chopped champion and all-in-all award-winning chef, helms the kitchen. Their menu is well thought out and has options for everyone; you will never have to compromise again.

There are no words to describe the staff besides kind and welcoming. Dan and Nick, the co-owners of the FoodieHall, have plenty of experience and are definitely in their element at FoodieHall. First, I got a tour of the kitchen and learned more about the dynamics of the restaurant. I thought it was fascinating how the company organized the kitchen: there were certain areas for designated cuisines. A conveyor belt was in the middle for the food to travel on when it was ready to get packaged. One of the co-owners, Nick, said how this is a very unique and uncommon addition “to make [the progress] efficient…it all needs to get to [the register] right here so we can bag it up”. Then, as you make it to the back of the kitchen, a vast preparatory area comes into vi

The resturants that work within Foodiehall are DaNick’s Craft Burgers, Simply Fowl, Mac n Toastie, Dando Tacos, Canting Noodle Bar, Criss Crust, and Fornire Italian Kitchen. (Katie Sullivan (’25))

The entire kitchen was kept spotless and orderly. FoodieHall is unlike other delivery places because its ingredients are high-end and of good quality. The food is fresh and homemade, carefully stored, and kept in freezers, refrigerators, and warming shelves. The chefs make the food from scratch because “when [FoodieHall] has a great chef like Georgeann, you do things right,” says one of the company’s owners. A timer is on to ensure all the food is ready around the same time for pick up. For example, they would start cooking chicken before preparing mac and cheese because it takes more time. 

I first sampled a freshly made peanut butter cookie from the dessert center. It was still warm and gooey as I took my first bite. The cookie was buttery and chewy in the best way possible. Dan also informed me that they are soon putting together make-your-own ice cream sandwich kits. 

I ordered a pulled pork mac and cheese and was able to watch the cooks prepare it. The chef made the food quickly but with care. Parts of the recipe are prepared earlier in the day to ensure a quick delivery time. The meal was very flavorful and filling, and the portion size was perfect. As per the owner’s request, I tried the tater tots on the side. You can hear an audible crunch upon biting into them yet still experience the warm potato filling.

Everyone operating in FoodieHall seemed experienced, and the kitchen radiated a positive atmosphere. Head Chef Georgeann Leaming enrolled in culinary school at the age of 23, which would be considered a “late bloomer” by culinary standards. Previously she has worked as the chef de cuisine of R2L Restaurant in Philly, an executive chef of Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill, and as the opening executive chef of Gordon Ramsay Steak. Leaming co-owns two popular Philadelphia eateries with a Best of Philly Award and continues to grow with new experiences and kitchens. Georgeann said she chose to join FoodieHall because “it was a really good chance to do something at such a big scale with so many different cuisines.”

This section of the kitchen is designated for the Mexican food prepared by Dando Tacos. (Katie Sullivan (’25))

FoodieHall contributes a meal to Feeding America, which supports food banks around the country, for every meal ordered as part of their Meal4Meal initiative. This initiative is a “vitally important guiding principle in how [the company] operates.” The company started the Meal4Meal due to many of our neighbors lacking adequate food. FoodieHall prides itself on helping out the community and making a difference. So you’re not only feeding yourself when you order; you’re also feeding other families in need. 

FoodieHall will fulfill your stomach-rumbling after one purchase. The idea of the eRestaurant is new and unique; there’s no place like it in Cherry Hill. This location is the first and only site the company has opened so far. If you want a $3 discount off a $15 purchase, use the coupon code CHEEAST315, and if you would like a $5 discount off a $25 purchase, use CHEAST525. Please find more information and order online at

“FoodieHall is 100% developed for delivery, from fast-casual to upscale with choices everyone will enjoy.”