Crumbl Cookie: A Mouthwatering Experience


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Some of Crumbl Cookie’s delicious cookie treats.

With their rotating weekly menu, unique flavors, and great social media presence, it’s no surprise that Crumbl Cookies has found the recipe for success. Over the past year, the franchise has rapidly grown and it continues to be in the spotlight today. With over 500 locations across the globe, South Jersey will definitely benefit from this new opening. 

Located at 950 Garden Park Blvd, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, this is the first South Jersey location among the three other New Jersey stores. It’s hard to ignore the sweet aroma not only inside the store but wafting into the parking lot as well, and the iconic baker logo on the outside of the store. With the open kitchen layout, it is also mesmerizing to watch the 50 workers mix, knead, and decorate the cookies. 

Every week, there are five new cookie flavors on Crumbl’s menu, except for their classic chocolate chip cookie. The rotating menu is part of what makes Crumbl so distinctive and unique in the cookie community.

Unlike other franchise bakeries, “[they] make all the dough on premise, [meaning that] nothing is brought in, [and that] it’s all handmade” says Erin Leisse, the general manager of the Cherry Hill Crumbl Cookies. 

In addition to everything being handmade, Leisse added that they have a turnover time of two hours. Meaning, if a cookie has been sitting out for two hours, it is not sold. This way, they can ensure that each cookie is as fresh as can be, and that each customer is satisfied.  

For example, the week of August 12th- August 19th, they offered caramel popcorn, lemon poppy seed, peanut butter blossom, French silk pie, and raspberry cheesecake flavored cookies. My favorites among these six were French silk pie and chocolate chip. The French silk pie cookie was a dark chocolate dough with a sweet chocolate frosting on top, and a dollop of whipped cream. Designed to look like a pie, this cookie was picture perfect. Their basic chocolate chip cookie is anything but basic. The thick, decadent dough melts in your mouth, and there is the perfect amount of chocolate chips in each bite. As every cookie is served warm to order, I have no complaints about this sweet store.

Although cookies are not my dessert of choice, I can see why Crumbl constantly has lines out the door, and up to two hour waits. While Crumbl Cookies continues to grow, it still maintains the charm of a treasured corner bakery. The atmosphere, service, and array of sweet treats offered surely makes for a mouthwatering experience!