Pasternack reviews LF Eatery


Zachary Pasternack ('24)

LF eatery has an extensive menu that is also kid-friendly.

Have you ever had the chance to remotely eat ice cream at a hoagie shop? In most cases, the answer is no, but LF Eatery at Springdale Plaza 1900 Greentree Rd in Cherry Hill has prided themselves on the fact that one can not only eat their favorite sandwich but also finish their meal with a sweet treat. While it has only been open for about a month, owner Larry Forstein has already seen growth in his business. Before his time at LF Eatery, Forstein worked in the catering industry though knew he wanted something more; something that combined his interests as well as those of his society.

In Forstein’s opinion, “you have that consistency every time you come in…it is what makes people want to come back.”
This consistency that Forstein highlights was prevalent throughout my visit. As the only member of the staff that day, Forstein took time out of his work to specifically talk to me about his restaurant; I was happily greeted from the time I walked in and left as a satisfied customer.

Located on 1900 Greentree Rd #21, Cherry Hill, NJ, LF Eatery serves “American food with a twist” according to owner, Larry Forstein. (Zachary Pasternack (’24))

Physically, the internal structure of the restaurant did lack the vigor and energy that would usually attract customers, but this setback did not truly influence my opinions.

I had the opportunity to try some of the food that was presented on their menu. In order to access their menu online, I would suggest viewing it through Seamless, a partnered food website with Grubhub.
Personally, I first began with the cheesesteak. The perfect amount of cheese and steak that lay in between the light and airy bread roll, was the perfect meal for this occasion. I also had the chance to try the chicken tenders.

Overall, I would describe the meals that I ate from the restaurant as satisfactory. I was truly impressed that a restaurant, that has only been open for a few weeks, was able to not only be persistent but possess the qualities of a good restaurant.

Pasternack said that their signature cheesesteak was very well made. (Zachary Pasternack (’24))

I truly learned from the start of my conversation with Forstein that the goal of his restaurant was to provide “American food with a little bit of a twist,” said Forstein.
I find his goals for his restaurant so remarkable as Forstein was not afraid to try something new. The addition of ice cream, which Forstein hopes will eventually become a staple at his shop, is so unique and creative as it has never really been done before in Cherry Hill.
There are so many stores and restaurants that a person could open; in Forstein’s case, his distinctive twist on our favorite American food is one of his most prized ideas.
If you are ever in need of something to eat, this time make sure to check out LF Eatery where you will surely leave on a full stomach. While it could be scary to try something new, I implore you to broaden your appetite; trust me, you will not regret it.