Sampling is a popular music practice used by many

March 1, 2021


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Sampling is a popular music practice that allows artists to use their own spin on a music clip.

Did you know that your favorite song may include a clip from a song written decades before it?
Sampling is a music practice that I stumbled upon recently while on TikTok. According to Wikipedia, “samples may comprise elements such as rhythm, melody, speech, sounds, or entire bars of music, and may be layered, equalized, sped up or slowed down, repitched, looped, or otherwise manipulated.”
Some examples of songs that use sampling are: “Paper Planes” by M.I.A.; “Blood on the Leaves” by Kanye West; and “Crazy in Love” by Beyonce.
I think sampling is a very creative way to reuse parts of old songs and honor the artist who created them. Similarly, artists often use samples to pay tributes to artists who inspired them in their past as well as offering a sense of nostalgia to listeners.
Sampling allows artists to use their own spin on a music clip by manipulating it to their benefit. Sampling has become one of my favorite musical techniques as I feel that it’s a really cool aspect of music that I never knew about. For anyone who is just learning about sampling, there are countless examples in songs that have come out in the past ten years and earlier.

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