Avi Shohat

Avi Shohat, Eastside Features Editor

Avi Shohat is one of Eastside’s features editors for the 2020-2021 school year. While attending Rosa International Middle School, she had been driven by her passion for writing, strong work ethic, and artistic skills to procure a position on the Eastside editorial board when she received the opportunity. She is determined to thrive and reach her greatest potential by helping others do so as well. Academics have always played a prominent role in her life, and she continues to study, observe, and remain intrigued by the lessons that history has offered the present day and the responsibility of the current generation to influence the future in a positive way. She hopes to inspire anyone and everyone using her own experiences, as she believes that "everything happens for a reason," for those to earn clarity and peace in their own minds as they begin to fully understand the purpose of their journey through her own.

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