Mr. East Countdown: Mr. Thud Muffin—4 days to go!

Thomas Hudson (’14), or as we have come to know him, Mr. Thud Muffin, has high hopes for his Mr. East campaign. Hudson has been involved in several facets of the East community from Eastside, to swimming, to Habitat for Humanity. According to Mr. Thud Muffin, he tried out for this prestigious competition because he would like to leave East as a renown legacy.

“I actually decided to try out because I like making people laugh,” said Mr. Thud Muffin. “I want to end my high school career with a bang.”

Aside from his plans for a victory in the Mr. East competition, Mr. Thud Muffin holds profound goals for his future. He plans to major in electrical engineering and one day become an Imagineer, which is a Disney-employed engineer.

Mr. Thud Muffin is anticipating the Mr. East competition with much excitement.

“I can’t wait to see people make fools of themselves,” he said. “I am also excited to see who is going to make too big of a deal out of a promposal.”

Although Mr. Thud Muffin is typically seen drilling down siding for Habitat homes, installing secret spy cameras in F087 or swimming his classic free-style, East students should definitely not miss the opportunity to see Mr. Thud Muffin take the East stage on March 28.