Lest We Forget Slavery Museum brings the legacy of slavery to East students

Slavery tends to be a touchy subject for many students at East. Today, Lest We Forget Slavery Museum, a traveling exhibit, brought the legacy of slavery alive. With an interactive presentation, Mr. J. Justin Ragsdale and his wife, Mrs. Gwen Ragsdale portrayed to students a whole new view of slavery.

Using real life slave-trade instruments, such as whips, branding irons, and ankle chains, Ragsdale told the story of black slave history to the fullest extent. Ragsdale captured his audience members’ attention and provided them with truly fascinating information.

Lest We Forget Slavery Museum is located on 3650 Richmond Street in Port Richmond, Philadelphia. The Museum is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and appointments are required.

Remember The Legacy of Slavery…LEST WE FORGET!

For more information, visit www.lwfsm.com or contact lestweforgetmusuem@yahoo.com directly.

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