Sophomore Class prepares for Cotillion

Sam Greenberg, Eastside Staff

One year away from planning its Junior Prom and two years from Senior Prom, the sophomore class of 2017 is well prepared for the future after planning a marvelous Sophomore Cotillion set to take place on Friday, Feb. 6 from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.

With the guidance of class advisors Mr. Figueroa and Mrs. Dorety, along with class president Sofia Benedetto (’17), the dance attendees are in for an extravagant evening. The dance theme is The Great Gatsby. The theme was decided after the 24 student members of the SGA homeroom selected a few themes for their classmates to decide.

“People really liked the concept and the movie,” said Benedetto.

In 2013, the latest movie version of The Great Gatsby was released with Leonardo DiCaprio playing the main role. The movie appealed to a wide range of people and won two Oscars in the process.

The novel is commonly read by juniors in their English classes. The combination of the book and the movie suit all freshman, sophomore and especially the juniors and seniors who will be in attendance.

Students can buy their Sophomore Cotillion tickets until Thursday, Feb. 5.
Kaitlyn Boyle
Students can buy their Sophomore Cotillion tickets until Thursday, Feb. 5.

“We have been working very diligently and advertising,” said Benedetto.

Class members have been extremely busy the past couple of weeks. They have recently developed a well- designed t-Shirt to hand out at the end of the night made by Designer T’s with partial student influence.

The decorations for the room consist of the obvious black, gold and glitter with a car and an abundance of balloons, portraying what it was like to party in the roaring 1920’s.

Benedetto expects between 350-400 people to be in attendance for the dance. The class is ready with a large quantity of Chick-fil-A food in addition to food provided by Aramark.

Each ticket is on sale for $20 each. The tickets have been on sale since Monday, Jan. 26 and will be sold until Thursday, Feb. 5.

For all of those set to attend, get ready for Jay Gatsby’s greatest party of them all: The Class of 2017’s Sophomore Cotillion.