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March 7, 2017

 Upon entering D-wing at Cherry Hill East, an outsider is bound to see, hear, and think a host of different things. One might question: why are there so many people singing?, dramatically talking to a wall?, or just randomly crying? Well, the answer to all of those questions is quite complicated.

 Emotions constantly run high in the Theatre Department. It is comprised of a group of headstrong individuals, all of whom are striving for excellence in all that they do. Whether it be auditioning for a solo in choir or scoring the lead role in the show, these kids put in an enormous amount of effort to earn their time to shine.

Upon leaving D-wing at East, an insider might also see, hear and experience instances of judgement from his or her peers. However, it is the very Theatre Department that prompts these preconceptions, that allows us to combat them each and every day. My time in D-Wing has given me a strong sense of confidence and individualism that can’t be explained in words.

Yes, it is quite a dramatic group of kids. But, everyone in the department is so dedicated and passionate about what they’re doing, it inspires you to do the same. While I had always participated in the amateur productions at my middle school, the East Theatre Department gave me a refined set of skills for performing that I never knew existed.

As an actor, one must master how to convey his or her emotions into a distinct character. But acting isn’t as easy as it might look. It demands a stylized control of the body and disciplined showmanship. Participating in the Theatre Department has taught me the fundamental skills of live performance.

 So, the next time you walk through D-wing, even as an outsider, remember that the various sights, sounds, and thoughts that fill your head… might not be as random as you think. 

— Ezra Nugiel

first meeting for Ragtime! Congrats to everyone casted in this killer musical!!!

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