Mr. East Countdown: Mr. King of D-Wing—5 days to go!

This year, competing in the Mr. East competition, is Max Hoffman (’14), a.k.a. Mr. King of D-Wing.

When asked why he wanted to compete in Mr. East, Mr. King of D-Wing said, “I wanted to compete because I feel like I’m a representative of our entire school and I love East and participating in activities at East.”

Mr. King of D-Wing continued by saying that competing was important to him because he wants to represent D-Wing and he doesn’t want to let down any of his fans.

Hoffman is a very active member in D-Wing as a whole. He is a member of the Thespian Society, Casual Harmony, Madrigals, Stay Tuned and East Singers as well. In the most recent spring musical, Aida, Mr. King of D-Wing starred as Radames in the red cast.

“Something interesting about me is that I am going to be famous one day,” said Hoffman.

In his spare time, Mr. King of D-Wing enjoys coloring, but gets easily frustrated if he accidentally colors outside of the lines.

He also enjoys traveling and hopes to travel the world because he loves new cultures and all of their different foods. In addition, Hoffman also enjoys new experiences.

“After this competition, I really want to try one of those spas where the fish eat your feet,” said Mr. King of D-Wing.

In the future, Mr. King of D-Wing plans on starring on Broadway and even in movies. He hopes to continue to get more experience in the field and eventually become just like Beyoncé.

“Why should I win Mr. East? Because Beyoncé has a million grammies, so why can’t I just win Mr. East?” Hoffman said.

Mr. King of D-Wing said, “Be prepared for royalty. Pure royalty.”