Spirit Week video contest results

Jack Braunstein ('13)/Eastside underground editor

November 24, 2011

For the Spirit Week Video contest, the Freshman class took first place, followed by the Seniors in second, the Juniors in third and the Sophomores in fourth. The seniors hold first place overall by a large margin of points....

Spirit week booth competition results

Jack Braunstein ('13)/Eastside Underground editor

November 18, 2011

The Spirit Week booth-judging contest occurred today in Cafeterias One and Two. The Senior Class won first place, followed by the Juniors in second and the Freshmen beating out the Sophmores for third place. In the annual booth...

St. Vincent’s Strange Mercy marries sounds

Jack Braunstein ('13)/Eastside Online underground editor

September 15, 2011

Marry Me, indeed. St. Vincent is the project of principle songwriter Annie Clark and a rotating cast of supporting musicians. The band burst out of obscurity with a thrilling performance on The Late Show and the release of th...

Battles – Gloss Drop review

Jack Braunstein ('13)/Eastside underground editor

June 4, 2011

Earlier this year, NBC’s widely popular sitcom satire of the mundane, The Office, said goodbye to Steve Carrell, who played Michael Scott, the Regional Manager at Dunder Mifflan Paper Company and focal point of the show. Af...

Cymbals Eat Guitars on their new album, the state of New Jersey and fleas

Jack Braunstein ('13)/Eastside underground editor

May 4, 2011

Cymbals Eat Guitars are in Headgear studios in Brooklyn recording their sophomore album, but it appears they have hit a major roadblock: “Incubus has a new record coming soon. John, better delete all those DJ scratch tracks....

The Oscars “Best Picture” candidates: True Grit

Jack Braunstein ('13)/Eastside underground editor

February 27, 2011

True Grit is the closest the Coen Brothers will ever get to directing a Disney movie. The film is an inspiring, heartwarming tale of justice and independence. There is a loveable heroine. She has oddball sidekicks. They go on...

Vegan Reflection: Jack Braunstein (’13)

By Jack Braunstein ('13)/ Eastside Underground Editor

January 27, 2011

Three weeks into the vegan experience, my body has adjusted to the lack of dairy. By this I mean that I forget what cheese tastes like. I have realized that for me physically, the jump from vegetarianism to veganism was not such...

Destroyer’s new album: it’s not kaput, it’s Kaputt

Jack Braunstein ('13)/Eastside Underground editor

January 20, 2011

The first time I listened to Kaputt, I was on an airplane. About three songs in, I realized the person next to me was trying to get my attention. I took out my left earbud. “What are you listening to?” What a generi...

Class of 2012 wins spirit week booth competition

Jack Braunstein ('13)/Eastside Underground Editor

November 16, 2010

Cherry Hill East Class of 2012 won first place in the Nickelodeon-themed spirit week booth judging today. The seniors took second place and sophomores and freshmen received third and fourth recognition, respectively. The juni...

Jilly B’s: a new sweet boutique

Jack Braunstein ('13) / Underground Editor

August 12, 2010

If there is one thing that gets the town of Cherry Hill drooling with desire, it's frozen yogurt. Luckily enough, on August 6, Jilly B's opened to the public in the Holly Ravine Shopping Center off of Springdale Road. The shop not...

Arcade Fire lights up the Mann Center

Jack Braunstein (’13) / Underground Editor

August 7, 2010

When I bought tickets to see Arcade Fire at the Mann Center, anxiety was the very last emotion I expected to be feeling— their 2004 album Funeral proved itself to be one of the seminal indie rock albums of the past de...

Summer concert preview

Jack Braunstein ('13)/ Eastside Staff

June 16, 2010

There is so much to celebrate over the summer: hot weather, cold beverages, the abundance of beach excursions, the absence of education and of course the summer concert season. Throughout the whole world music festival attendees...

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to concerts

Jack Braunstein ('13)/ For Eastside

October 20, 2009

Although going to see Lil’ Wayne lay down some rhymes at Susquehanna Bank Center or witnessing Bruce Springsteen burn through all his hits at the Wachovia Spectrum might be adrenaline packed nights of music and spectacle, the...