Class of 2012 wins spirit week booth competition

Cherry Hill East Class of 2012 won first place in the Nickelodeon-themed spirit week booth judging today. The seniors took second place and sophomores and freshmen received third and fourth recognition, respectively. The junior’s winning both was fashioned after a castle featured prominently in “The Fairly Odd Parents,” and featured a smoke machine and a pong-like game in which the participant throws a ball into a fishbowl while dodging “villains.” Class of 2011 made a “Rugrats” based booth built into the head of the giant robot dinosaur from the show, Reptar. The booth featured both a ring toss and the opportunity to guess whom the baby pictures on the inside of the booth belong to. The sophomores’ booth was a “Rocket Power” themed hockey aiming game. The freshmen’s booth was a shooting accuracy game based on the “Wild Thornberrys.” Spirit Week officially begins on Thursday, November 18.