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Jilly B’s: a new sweet boutique

If there is one thing that gets the town of Cherry Hill drooling with desire, it’s frozen yogurt. Luckily enough, on August 6, Jilly B’s opened to the public in the Holly Ravine Shopping Center off of Springdale Road. The shop not only sells all natural treats, but doubles as a boutique for high-end gifts.

“I wanted to bring a level of sophistication to the store,” says creator and owner, Jill Schafer.

Schafer put a lot of work into establishing the shop. She traveled all around the country finding the highest quality gifts, yogurt and cupcakes for Jilly B’s. An East alumnus, Schafer studied interior design at Syracuse University and designed the whole store.

Jilly B’s looks like a boutique more likely to be found in New York City than in between Short Hills and Woodcrest, but for Schafer, the location is ideal. The creator grew up in Cherry Hill and spent a few years living in New York, too.

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“I had enough,” said Schafer, “I want Jilly B’s to be a place where you can unwind and escape Cherry Hill life, without going into Philadelphia.”

The frozen yogurt comes in four flavors: plain, chocolate, coffee and raspberry. The flavors are subject to change; since the store is open all year round, they plan to introduce various seasonal flavors and toppings, such as peppermint and candy corn. All of the flavors are non-fat and contain beneficial pro-biotics, but that’s certainly not at the expense of flavor. It is supremely refreshing and a perfect treat to combat the summer heat, but diverse and satisfying enough to last the whole year round. The variety in toppings is overwhelming, from every textbook fruit, fresh from the farmers market, to a multitude of sweets to top of any of the delectable flavors.

All photos by Jack Braunstein ('13) / Underground Editor

“I’ve traveled the country to see what’s out there,” said Schafer, “and our yogurt product is far superior to the competition.”

Jilly B’s also offers mouth-watering, all natural cupcakes, with flavors including red velvet, cookies cream and more. These works of art are worth purchasing for aesthetics alone, but it doesn’t hurt that they are also delicious.

The farther end of the store is devoted to selling gifts that were hand selected by Schafer. There is a range of pretty and unique items. Plenty of them are related to the shops edible exports (cake platters, hand painted serving plates and the like), but the inventory also includes things like picture frames and perfumes.

“I love sweets and giving gifts,” said Schafer. “So I combined it all.”

The result is an inventive and exciting shop that is sure to become a huge success in Cherry Hill.


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