American Wrestlers releases song from solo album for free on iTunes

American Wrestlers: One would presumably think this name denotes a band. But in actuality, this “band” merely consists of one singular man. This man is quite unconventional in his approaches. He is a man prided on resolute defiance to the progressing music industry – a man sure that the sound quality associated with hi-tech studios does not stimulate musicianship, but rather dampens it. This man is Gary McClure, am enthusiast of the authentic style of lo-fi music.

Written and recorded to an 8-track Cassette, McClure’s self-titled debut album roots itself in lo-fi ancestry. Going to the extent of creating his own makeshift studio, McClure attempted to use the natural distortion and compression of cassettes to his advantage. Formerly a member of Working for a Nuclear Free City, McClure trained himself in the craft of lyricism prior to releasing his solo album. Presently signed to the eccentric Fat Possum Label, McClure’s “I Can Do No Wrong” currently hails under iTunes’ “Free Songs” section.

The sound of “I Can Do No Wrong” is somewhat overwhelming at its commencement. Flagrant overuse of ostentatious guitars and synthesizers booming in the beginning of the piece, threaten to corrupt the entire song. Yet, the dis concerting sound soon resolves itself due to the bohemian vocals of McClure. While the vocals aim to provide an otherworldly sound, they fall short, actually sounding as though they are encompassed underwater. Further, the song seems to take a hiatus from itself in the middle of its playing. As strange as it sounds, the song just seems to stray completely from its initial demeanor at about 2 minutes and 15 seconds, for seemingly no reason at all. This new sound is too calm to mesh well with the originally resilient vibe of the piece.

With lyrics such as “I can do no wrong, lately/But I can do no wrong, then,” listeners are left puzzled with a lyric so difficult to define. Some may think of this as masterful songwriting that stimulates listener’s minds. Yet, it seems that the complexity of McClure’s lyricism is stilted and unnecessary.

Despite his shortcomings, McClure does manage to produce an undeniably catching chorus that is not easily forgotten. The song manages to create a carefree feeling within listeners, effusively depicting McClure as a guy who namely “can do no wrong.”

Overall Rating: 2.5/5