Take a look at Mr. Bringin’ Sexy Zach who represents Nashville

April 20, 2017


Yearning to bring his unique “flavor” to the East stage, Zach Padersky (‘17), also known as Mr. Bringin’ Sexy Zach, hopes to be crowned the 30th Annual “Mr. East” on April 21, 2017.  

Known as a focal leader of East’s beloved Countrymen, Mr. Bringin’ Sexy Zach is not one known to shy away. With his prior experience as a devoted crowd member and fan, Mr. Bringin’ Sexy Zach lacks a major vice: stage fright. Mr. Bringin’ Sexy Zach’s confidence when performing in front of large audiences should benefit him during this Friday evening’s Mr. East Competition.

Mr. Bringin’ Sexy Zach was not willing to fully divulge his talent, as he hopes to surprise audience members live and in-person as he performs on the East Stage. Nonetheless, he did provide Eastside with a slight glimpse into his planned act.

“I want to capitalize on my extensive Lip Syncing Career and plan to bring out many special guests,” said Mr. Bringin’ Sexy Zach, “So it should be exciting.”

After watching his fellow Mr. East competitors at several rehearsals, Mr. Bringin’ Sexy Zach has gleaned his two biggest competitors: Adam Crognale (‘17) and Christian Termine (‘17), known to the Mr. East stage as Mr. A-Damn and Mr. Rice Chris-py, respectively.

“Adam is really talented and working with him has been a great experience,” said Mr. Bringin’ Sexy Zach. “And Christian has really glo’d up this year…because the ladies…the girls want him.”

Though Crognale and Termine are fierce competitors for Mr. Bringin’ Sexy Zach, both have helped make Mr. East an all-around more enjoyable experience, according to Mr. Bringin’ Sexy Zach.

As Mr. Bringin’ Sexy Zach vies for the title of Mr. East, he keeps in mind his appreciation for this year’s selected theme: Destination USA.

Recollecting on his appreciation for the country, Mr. Bringin’ Sexy Zach commented, “I really love the way we’ve been handling the endangerment of the Western Bottlenose Dolphin…and I really like sports.”

Mr. Bringin’ Sexy Zach would like to thank his fans for their undying support throughout his entire Mr. East process.

He said, “I wouldn’t be able to do it without you.”


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