The Audition: Brr! Brr! Mah!

Cooper details her experience auditioning for the show.

March 14, 2020

Before the stage manager can even finish reciting my name, I am already up and out of my seat moving toward the stage. Butterflies gently dance around in my stomach. A pounding drum pulsates to a steady beat in my skull. My feet quiver as I slowly move up the stage stairs. Months of dedication and practice culminate into one five-minute experience. The Audition. My irrefutable excitement is nearly encapsulated by my uncontrollable nervous anxiety.

And then I am there and my feet touch down on the edge of the pitch-black stage. As the lights shine down upon my face, I practice square breathing to center myself.

In this moment, I am triumphant. I am unstoppable. I am my character.

— Ashley Cooper


Breathe in




Breathe out


Now is the time to bear my most vulnerable self. To let go of all reservations and insecurities. To truly be free.

My feet have finally reached the green “X” taped down on center stage. The lights blare into my eyes now with more intensity. I can no longer see the audience in front of me, yet I must still exude confidence. A beaming smile spreads its way across my lips as I begin to slate my name.

Hi, my name is Ashley Cooper and I will be auditioning for the part of…

The accompaniment begins to play. Physically, I can sense melodic lines steadily spilling out of my mouth. But consciously I am unaware of what is happening. I let the music guide to where I need to go. My body moves without thought or prompting. It as if my spirit commands me, rather than my mind.

In this moment, I am triumphant.

I am unstoppable.

I am my character.

Click here to view Ashley’s Facebook post about the show.

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