Seniors win Formal Friday

Spencer Lincoln dresses up for Formal Friday.

Emma Silverstone

Spencer Lincoln dresses up for Formal Friday.

Emma Silverstone, Eastside Humor Editor

The halls of East were filled with dapper-looking students for Formal Friday, as the third day of Spirit Week came to a close. The seniors took the lead.

Second place went to the juniors, followed by the sophomores and then the freshmen.

Many students were seen wearing shirts and ties, skirts and dresses. The chilly weather did not stop everyone from dressing to impress.

“I need an excuse to dress up and look nice,” Julia Henson (’17) said. “I like looking nice for school every day but I feel like today was a good reason to look extra fancy.”

Spencer Lincoln (’17) had the same reason to dress nicely as she said, “I love to dress up and this is an excuse to dress up.”

Most students decided to dress in their nicest clothes because they wanted to support their class. Rachel Brill (’15) was no different.

“I think the seniors need to win spirit week so I’m going to help out in any way I can,” Brill said.

While most Formal Fridays have a small amount of participation, a great number of East students decided to bring their best fashion sense for today’s theme, continuing the trend of good participation for this year’s Spirit Week.